Super User

Super User

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BlueEvolution S

The professional for tight spaces and mobile applications

The BlueEvolution S scores with added agility and ease. Despite its robust and stable stainless steel housing, it weighs only 26 kg. With its reduced size and low weight, the BlueEvolution S trumps up whenever it gets tight or when it comes to changing locations

The BlueEvolution S is one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning systems ever. It is filled only with clear water. Thanks to the steam pressure of 6 bar, water consumption is reduced to a minimum. No chemicals which are harmful to the environment or even aggressive chemicals can be dispensed with altogether

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Edition Limatic

With its additional hot water module, the innovative LN turbine technology and the unique decalcification program, the Edition Limatic LN is your device when it comes to heavy soiling and stubborn encrustations. 

When cleaning tile joints and sticky kitchen floors, the hot water module can be conveniently connected from the handle. Due to the particularly strong soiling effect, it is possible to clean input mats and heavily soiled surfaces.

The limescale protection is integrated in the same way: as the only device under the steam suction systems, the Edition Limatic LN has an automatic and user-friendly decalcification program, which always points out when the device has to be decalcified. 

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Power Multi

The handle in the dirty plaster bucket, swirled dust, or back pain are a thing of the past when using the Power Multi.

Fresh steam is always used for the cleaning process, the contaminated wastewater is then placed in a separate container. The cleaned surface is immediately dry again so that the risk of slipping on a wet surface no longer exists

Our Power Multi is suitable not only for private use but also for commercial applications and almost all surface materials

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